About Gentile’s Market

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Located in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, Gentile’s Produce Market has been servicing the tri-state area for over 50 years. Family owned and operated, Gentile’s provides a complete line of fruits and vegetables with a selection second to none.

Joseph A. and Mary I. Gentile began the family business in 1954 close to Broomall’s old saw mill, near what is now Barnaby’s Restaurant. At that time, Joe and Mary operated Dot’s Diner and sold home grown tomatoes and vegetables in front of the diner at the height of the farming season.

Joe and Mary’s personal touch and reputation were on every product they sold and the produce operation enjoyed a strong local following for fresh, homegrown vegetables. In 1960, demand for Joe and Mary’s produce greatly increased and the original Gentile’s Produce Market was opened for year-round sales with the help of their seven children working in the market.

The success of Gentile’s Market surged as three major chain stores went on strike in the late 1960’s. At that time, the Gentile Family was required to work 24 hours a day to maintain the availability of superior products customers came to rely on.

With hard work and dedication, Gentile’s Produce Market continued to expand over the years. And, in 1970, the Gentile family branched out and opened the current location in Newtown Square. Gentile’s continued to operate two stores until 1978 when Joe decided to focus on one store to maintain the quality of the produce, as well as the best price available to the customers.

Although Joe passed away in 1994 and Mary in 2007, all nine of their children continue to operate the market with the same dedication to providing the best produce available with strict price control. Gentile’s allows the customer to pick the freshest produce brought in from local, national and international farms. Gentile’s Market receives daily deliveries to ensure that they are providing customers with the freshest hand-selected fruits and vegetables.

Gentile’s Market offers more than just fresh fruit and vegetables. We also carry local dairy products, bread products, flowers, pasta, teas, condiments as well as many other novelty items. In the spring/summer, we carry bedding flowers, hanging baskets, potted plants, vegetable and herb plants, potting soil and other garden supplies.

During the holiday season, we carry a wide array of seasonal items including pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, roping and wreaths, to name a few.

For over 50 years, consumers around the tri-state area continue to recognize Gentile’s Produce Market as a trusted symbol of product quality, freshness and reliability. From the beginning, the Gentile Family has been committed to bringing the freshest, highest quality produce from around the country and world to you, our best customer.